Episode 24: Michael Ciravolo / Beauty in Chaos

The morning after the 20th anniversary of his marriage to his wife Tish, Michael Ciravolo took some time to talk with us about Beauty in Chaos. We talked about the album’s guests and their contributions as well as the role(s) his wife and daughters played in the project.

Along the way, we also answered the pressing questions like, “Is it really a Van Halen reunion if Michael Anthony isn’t on stage?”

Michael Ciravolo is also the President of Schecter Guitars and we only recently learned of this project through Anastasia Vishnevsky, who is the composer and producer of our theme music . She uses a Schecter guitar on much of her music.

The album is going through a reinterpretation project with several producers and artists taking part. They’ve also re-recorded a few songs with strings and piano.

Michael recently had the solo on Un-Natural Disaster re-recorded by none other than Zakk Wylde and there’s a video in production for it. Zakk & Ice T have already shot their parts and we should be seeing it soon.

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