Record Store Day is upon us!

For some, it's the apex of their year. It's Record Store Day 2021 and this year, it comes to us in two parts: June 12 and July 17. The special releases for those of us who like Rock 'n Roll (actual, not what the Hall of Fame calls rock) should be a pretty good addition to our libraries. As always, you can find out more by visiting if you're curious what the mortals who listen to other types of music listen to, or want to know where to line up to hand over your money. Below is just a sample of what will be available.

Click the titles for more information.

  • June 12:
    Tom Petty's “Angel Dream” a reimagining of his “She’s The One” soundtrack for its 25th anniversary
  • AC/DC “Power Up” singles "Through The Mists of Time"/"Witch's Spell" on 12-inch picture disc
  • Black Sabbath’s “Mob Rules” and “Heaven & Hell” on LP picture disc
  • An expanded edition of The Who’s “Face Dances” for its 40th anniversary
  • Rage Against the Machine’s “Battle of Mexico City
  • A 50th anniversary edition of Rolling Stones’ “Hot Rocks” compilation
  • A 40th anniversary edition of U2’s 1981 single “Fire

So what are you waiting for?? Start digging through the couch cushions & cashing in your change jar.

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