Zep in Auckland

In 1972, Led Zeppelin played a 6-date tour in Australia and on the third night, a 20-year-old photographer named Lloyd Godman had his 8mm movie camera in tow. He grabbed some footage from the show and promptly stored it in his shed. There it lived, undisturbed, for almost 50 years.

One day in the not to distant past, he decided to grab the roll of film and have it digitized. When it came back, he realized that it was the Zeppelin film. It was silent, but an archivist was able to find an audio recording from the event, sync the two and it premiered recently on the LedZepFilm YouTube Channel.

If you're asking why the barcode on the preview, they demand that we use an image but when I searched for a Led Zeppelin image I could use, there was none. I'm not allowed to upload things apparently, because even the cover photos for the Barstool Rockers podcast THAT I CREATED MYSELF aren't allowed, either. So... Barcode.