What's With the Weather?

When I let the pooch out this morning, I looked at the snow on the vehicles and thought about clearing it off. My 'wiser-self' took over at that point and reminded me we'd be near 40° today and it wasn't worth it. Then I looked around some, realizing the snow had almost melted in some parts of the yard.

We've had it pretty easy this year for snowfall, and I'm NOT complaining. We had the 26-below temps a couple weeks ago and I could do without that, but if we had to choose, which way would it go? I THINK I'd like the snow, so I could play with my snow blower (which the winter of 2019 inspired me to get).

When I finally sat down on the couch to wake up and crack open my digital world, I was reminded that on this day in 2019, one of the news stations told us that we had just experienced the snowiest month on record (1893-2019).

1) February 2019 45.8"
2) January 1929 35.3"
3) January 1999 32.1"
4) December 1968 31.4"
5) January 1996 31.2"

I took a photo outside one night during that snowy February. The purple thing in the foreground is what used to be a hand-railing along the sidewalk. It was THAT high.

A 2019 Snowy Memory

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