Starbucks Wants You to Order Your Drink Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Grande Starbucks to go cup on table

Photo: Getty Images

This sounds like a great way to order a cup of coffee you probably won't like . . . Starbucks just launched a new site that's supposed to help you order the perfect drink based on your ZODIAC SIGN.

They partnered with an app for horoscopes and psychics called Sanctuary. The website is

First you choose your zodiac sign, like Taurus or Virgo. Then you say whether you plan to drink it in the morning or afternoon, because that matters apparently.

It eventually tells you what your IDEAL drink is, and there's a link so can order it online. If you believe in astrology stuff, you might find it useful.

There's also a decent chance they're just trying to push people toward their PRICIER beverages. It seems like that's what most of the suggestions are. 

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