Metallica Partners With Hasbro For 'Metallica Clue'

Metallica's latest collaboration with iconic game company Hasbro includes a new, Metallica-themed take on the beloved board game Clue.

Metallica Clue comes about a decade after the band partnered with Hasbro for Metallica Monopoly.

In this remastered version of Clue, players must split up and scour Metallica HQ for a missing piece of crucial equipment. Players must figure out what piece of gear has disappeared and where it's been hidden. Find the gear, so the band's recording session can get back on track.

You can play as Papa Het, Duder, Mr. Ripper, Dr. Groove, The Engineer or Col. William.

With game art by Maxx242, Metallica Clue is available exclusively at just in time for Black Friday!

Go here for more details.

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