48: David Ellefson

David Ellefson is one of the coolest guys in Rock & Roll. Aside from being the bass player in Megadeth, he’s also an author and entrepreneur who owns his own coffee company. With names like “Roast in Peace” and the roasts for some of his friends like “Dark & Twisted” (Eddie Ojeda of Twisted Sister), “Get Off Your Ass” (Autograph), “Slave to the Grind (Skid Row), and more, he has the corner on the market for Metal coffee.

After his 2013 memoir “My Life With Deth” was so successful, he followed it up with “More Life WIth Deth” picking up the story after his departure from Megadeth in the mid-2000s, through his triumphant return in 2010, giving you an inside look at the continued saga of one of the World’s biggest, and most enduring, Heavy Metal bands.

The Grammy Award-Winning bassist spent some time chatting with Finn a few weeks ago when he was in the area, giving us some insight into his book tour, coffee and bandmate Dave Mustaine’s current health.





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