There's a Big Problem With New MacBook, and It's Tiny

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Casey Johnston bought a new MacBook Pro that soon developed an annoying problem: Every time she pressed the space bar, it went two spaces instead of one. As she recounts at the Outline, Johnston brought it into the Apple store three times and got the same, surprising diagnosis: Must be a piece of dust. 

After the third time, she was ready with her query: “If a single piece of dust lays the whole computer out, don't you think that's kind of a problem?” Her essay explores that question, because the glitch does, in fact, pretty much slay the computer, or at least half of it: Because of Apple's construction techniques, the remedy is not a simple matter of replacing the space bar. The only solution is to replace the entire upper case. As Johnston explains, the reason for that involves a bit of tech known as butterfly switch keyboards.

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