Dan Michaels

Early Overdrive

Episode 7: And My Brain Left

Episode 6: With Chemistry

Episode #5: Tired AND Scatterbrained

Deep Friggin Purple!

Episode #4: Wiggly With a Big Voice

Episode 3, Dr Freud? Paging Dr Freud...

Episode #2: Spaceballs the Merchandise!

Barstool Rockers, Episode 1

Dan Michaels

Dan Michaels is a life-long Midwest boy who grew up listening to radio stations he'd one-day work at. At one point, he decided to pack up his life and move north, landing in the Chippewa Valley. After 14 years on Classic Rock 92.1, he disappeared from the air for awhile and eventually, from radio altogether. Fate, doing what it does best, brought him back to us in July of 2016. Now he's back doing his afternoon show and a weekly podcast called Barstool Rockers that you can find at barstoolrockers.com or right here on his page. Subscribe on iTunes, would ya? It'll help him feel like he's good at something...


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